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World Cup and Weight Loss

8 Jun

At work today we had a drawing for a World Cup pool. Everyone put in $20 pesos (about 2 dollars) and drew 2 countries from a hat. If one of your teams wins, you get to take home $320 pesitos !! (about 30 bucks)

I got Uruguay and Argentina. Let’s go, South America!!!

This Friday morning is the World Cup kickoff.

Guess who’s playing in the kickoff game? South Africa vs. Mexico!!!!!

Guess how many people will show up to my office on Friday morning? Probably just the Americans.

It’s gonna be an exciting month!

I haven’t been posting my calorie counting lately because I’m lazy. I’m still eating well, however. I’ve cut most of my portions down to about half what they were before. The other night I had 2 slices of pizza, when I would normally have 4, for example. At lunch, I can fill up on a soup and a small salad. Sometimes I can’t even finish the salad. It’s awesome 🙂 I eat things I love and fill up on whatever I want… but I fill up so easily now! It doesn’t even feel like dieting.

Almost everyone I know has told me I look so much thinner. I can tell I look much thinner! I also tried on a size 10 pair of jeans this weekend at the mall, and IT FIT!!! First time in about 2 years that I fit into a size 10. And it fit WELL. Exciting!

My stomach and love handles are completely gone, it seems.

I can also wear skirts pretty much every day without my inner thighs rubbing together too much. (ya’ll know what I’m talkin bout!) I used to only go 1 day with a skirt because it would hurt after too much walking. No longer!

Here’s the weird part… I haven’t lost any weight since January. :S I think I actually GAINED 2 pounds. What’s up with that? I guess the weight just shifted around?

Anyway, I guess so long as I look and feel great, that’s all that matters. I ain’t complainin.