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Chabihau Beach at Sunset

10 Aug

*A few of my commenters mentioned yesterday that they’d never heard of Chabihau. It’s not really a spot for international tourists. However, many people who live in Merida own vacation houses there. So, if you’ve never lived near Merida, you’ve probably never heard of it! 🙂 Population is just under 400 people. My mother-in-law grew up there.*

Right after we went searching for flamingos in Chabihau, Jorge and I drove down the coast a little bit with his parents and his two little cousins, Naivi and Naomi.

We stopped by a pretty beach that was covered in tiny shells. Right across the road was the lagoon.

Ocean on left, freshwater lagoon on right

Same lagoon I showed you yesterday, a few miles further east

Jorge's dad looking for shells

What’s your favorite trip you’ve made to the beach?