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Just Thursday

10 Feb
Outside my window.. it’s been a bit overcast all week, but that’s ok because it means I can keep the blinds open most of the day at work!
Today I feel.. like it should be Friday… am I right or am I right?
I am thinking.. about how I forgot part of the paperwork for a thingy at my office and that I’ll need to race to my in-laws house on my lunch break to get it.
I am thankful.. that I had a lawyer to do all my immigration paperwork this week … for free! So nice not to have to step into the dreaded Cancun immigration office.
Tomorrow I am going.. to work, then the gym, then to enjoy an evening to myself.
I am wearing.. my work uniform.
I wish.. that life would slow down.
This weekend I.. will be celebrating my friend Viri’s birthday at the club on Saturday night! What to wear… ??
I am reading.. still reading The Girl Who Played with Fire. This might take awhile.
I am working on.. getting 2 New York hotels to e-mail me back with information I need for work. (Mexican, Canadian, and other US hotels manage to write back within 24 hours… what’s going on, New York?) For shame.


Yesterday I.. went to work, went to the gym, watched the Mexico Bosnia game, ate sushi and watched TV. Exciting.

I am hoping.. to be productive at work today. Mornings have been going well, but lately in the afternoons I kind of zone out.
I am hearing.. my boss giving detailed instructions to somebody.
I bet you didn’t know.. that Jorge and I decided what we’re doing for our (very, very belated) honeymoon! Details to come 🙂
One of my favorite.. movies is 50 First Dates.
My Valentine’s plans include.. I dunno, we never really celebrate Valentine’s Day. We’re weird like that. Our biggest romantic celebration is usually on August 3, our 6-month dating anniversary. (Our year anniversary is Feb 3, but we always seem to have more money and less other expenses in August.) I know… we’re weird.