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Not Cool, Suki. Not Cool.

7 Oct

Since we finished the backyard, we’ve been leaving our dogs outside during the day. Things have been going great (meaning that my grass and palm trees are still intact)!

Well yesterday we had our first big rain in awhile. Apparently Suki hasn’t yet learned to stay in a covered area and NOT ROLL AROUND IN THE DIRT when it’s raining, because I came home to this:

Well I'm glad somebody's happy.

If you've ever wondered why all my dog pictures are blurry, it's because they can't stay still when I'm standing.

She's normally about the same color as Dolly, but now she's moving more toward the color of Konan.


Just Thursday

3 Mar

It’s Just Thursday again! If you want to link up, join in with Murdock’s Mama by clicking on the icon…

Outside my window.. it’s 81 degrees and sunny!
Today I feel.. productive, but a little frustrated because I’ve had a slight backache for 2 days!
I am thinking.. about creative new ways to write about hotels… it’s not going well haha.
I am thankful.. for Jorge. He’s incredibly motived and always supportive.
Tomorrow I am going.. to work, then the gym, then who knows what on Friday night?
I am wearing.. my work uniform.
I wish.. money fell from the sky… but then inflation would be ridiculous, so I take it back.
This weekend I.. am going out for lunch with one of my best friends who is PREGNANT! yay! Voy a ser tia!
I need to start.. doing more cardio exercise. I’ve lost 5 pounds already, only 25 more to go.
I am reading.. nothing! I just put down The Girl Who Played With Fire last night (incredible), and this weekend I need to go to a local English bookstore to see if they have the 3rd book in the series. If not, I’ll have to wait a few weeks for it to be shipped from Amazon.com.
I am working on.. making my own lunches for work. I’ve been doing pretty well, but I need to get a bit more creative than my usual yoghurt and sandwich. Today, for example, I brought scrambled eggs with veggies! Yum!
Yesterday I.. got my dog Dolly back from the groomer. She used to belong to my mother-in-law, so I think the groomer mixed things up and gave her the haircut my mother-in-law prefers, as opposed to what I usually ask for. The results were hilarious. She got legwarmers! Like any good pet owner, we will be pointing and laughing at her for weeks to come. (Sorry, Dolly.)
I am hoping.. to have a fun weekend!
I bet you didn’t know.. that I got a raise! Don’t congratulate me… they give all employees a raise at the beginning of the year. 3%! Yeah baby!
Something I’m looking forward to is.. our honeymoons! (yes, plural)

Doggy Makeovers!

5 Oct

I know three little puppies who got a makeover this weekend!










Bonus shots!

My Furry Alarm Clocks

7 Sep

Suki punching both dogs in the face

An all-out brawl ensues