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Yucatan’s Fishing Villages Are Making Money

9 Aug

Set on the Gulf of Mexico, Yucatan’s northern coast is filled with small towns and fishing villages, each with their own charm and natural beauty. In this region, you’ll find brightly-colored salt lagoons, refreshing cenotes, palm tree forests, small Mayan ruins, tiny restaurants serving freshly caught seafood, relaxing beaches and even migrating herds of flamingos in the summertime. Several of Mexico’s most popular celebrities have even built luxurious homes in this secluded and tranquil area.

The local villages are home to hard-working fishermen as well as vacation homes owned mostly by tourists from the nearby colonial city of Merida. In the past couple of years, however, this breathtaking area has fallen under the eye of home buyers and tourists from other parts of Mexico and the world.

The town of San Crisanto has begun to take full advantage of its stunning natural attractions, opening a new tourist center where guests can explore the salt lagoon and purchase tickets for a fascinating mangrove and cenote tour.

San Crisanto's new tourist center

Dzonot Tzik cenote in San Crisanto

In the neighboring village of Chabihau, foreign travelers have begun to use local builders to construct immense vacation homes right by the beach, drawn to the area by the charming, friendly and quiet atmosphere. These homes also help to create permanent jobs, as most owners hire locals from Chabihau as caretakers for the property while they’re gone.

This beautiful compound-style home has been recently built, with several buildings set around a sand-filled courtyard.

A new beachside vacation home under construction

This multi-level beach home caught my eye, with several open-air terraces, palapas and pergolas.

As a frequent visitor to this area, I’m excited to see that others are finally beginning to discover it and help the economy grow. The Gulf coast of the state of Yucatan is filled with fascinating attractions that the locals are thrilled to share with anyone passing through.

Where would you build your dream vacation home?

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Just Thursday and My New Dream House

2 Sep

It’s that time of the week again! Just Thursday with Murdock’s Mama! If you want to join in, click on the badge and link up!

Outside my window.. Today’s view, lots of wispy clouds and sunshine, but for some reason the hotel zone looks dark…

The time is.. 9:17

Today I feel.. frustrated because one of the dogs chewed up my somewhat expensive beach dress… and there’s no way of knowing which one it was. I know who I suspect it was, though…

I am thinking.. how much work I can get done today

At the moment, I am thankful.. for air conditioning

I am going..to go out to lunch with coworkers today. Where will it be?

I am wearing..my ugly, ugly work uniform

I wish..I could stretch my money more

I am reading..Book of the Dead by Patricia Cornwell. Dang, that woman has a sick, sick mind.

I am working on..learning to cook! It usually goes better when Jorge helps.

I am hoping..to be back here soon:

I am hearing..the voices of my desk neighbors chatting

I bet you didn’t know.. that Jorge and I are kinda hooked on Parental Control on MTV. We’re so lame.

One of my favorite..new places to live is Bali! Just saw an episode of House Hunters International last night. Dream house with pool and amazing bathrooms for $330,000 dollars? I’ll take it!
Here are the pictures from the Seri Villas website: