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Just Thursday

26 May

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Outside my window.. 84 degrees and very, very sunny!
Today I feel.. productive and excited because we’re having birthday cake in the office today!
I am thankful.. that I get to eat lunch outdoors every day.
Tomorrow I am going.. to work, then the gym, then who knows?
I am wearing.. my work uniform.
I wish.. cute purses were less expensive. I really need 2 (I’ve only bought 1 in the last 3 years!)
This weekend.. I was invited to go to a luxurious All Inclusive resort, only $800 pesos (about $70 US) per person per night! But we’re saving up for some other stuff right now, so Jorge and I will probably just try to do something cool on our own here in Cancun.
I am reading.. I finished the Millenium series (WOW! Am I right?) and now I’m back to The Ugly American, which I never finished.
I am working on.. translating a press release (not nearly as exciting as it sounds)
Yesterday I.. went to work, went to the gym, then hung out around the house all evening
I am hoping.. to lose weight soon! I was doing so well, then I fell off the wagon this month. I went to the gym consistently, but Nutella, Starbucks cinnamon rolls and quesadillas seem to have caused my downfall. No weight lost in the last month and a half. Time to really get serious about the diet! Good news is that I have much more endurance and strength than I did a few weeks ago.
I am hearing.. someone in the office sneezing.
I bet you don’t know.. that my dogs actually hate eachother. They all love Jorge and me to the point of obsession… but for the most part they ignore eachother. There’s also frequent territorial growling. Why can’t I be one of those owners whose dogs cuddle and stuff?
One of my favorite.. places is Playa del Carmen.

Just Thursday

21 Apr

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Outside my window.. sunny and 82 degrees
Today I feel.. energetic because we took the dogs for a walk this morning.
I am thankful.. that I only work a half day tomorrow, and I don’t work Saturday! Hello, 2 1/2 day weekend!
Tomorrow I am going.. Oh gosh, no idea! I’m so excited about my long weekend, yet I have nothing planned.
I am wearing.. my uniform.
I wish.. that my gym were open this week… stupid Semana Santa holidays ruining my weight loss haha
This weekend.. again, no idea! How lame is that? Maybe we’ll make it to the movies, we haven’t done that in forever.
I am reading.. The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest (still)
I am working on.. a marketing translation for work.
Yesterday I.. ate leftover chocolate mousse and watched Jersey Shore. (Anyone else noticing a pattern for my Wednesday nights?)
I am hoping.. that today will go by fast! (***UPDATE: Wish granted! Was just informed we will be leaving at 1 pm today.)
I am hearing.. office chit chat.
I bet you didn’t know.. that I haven’t filed my taxes yet! Hopefully I’ll figure it out this week with the help of a very lengthy and wordy e-mail I got from the IRS help department (expats have until June 15 to file)
One of my [least] favorite.. things to do is wash my hair.
One of my [most] favorite.. things to make is guacamole. I make a very awesome guacamole. Too bad avocados are $10 pesos each right now.

Just Thursday

7 Apr

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Outside my window.. 81 degrees and hardly a cloud in the sky! Can’t wait for my lunch hour so I can get outdoors.

Can't figure out why this pic is so dark... must have had the camera on the wrong setting. Oops!

Today I feel.. sleepy! I woke up at 4 am with allergies and haven’t been asleep since.
I am thankful.. for my giant jar of peanut butter from Sam’s Club.
Tomorrow I am going.. to work, then the gym, then to buy paint, then Jorge’s soccer game, then nowhere!
I am wearing.. my work uniform.
I wish.. I could see my family more often.
This weekend.. Jorge and I are FINALLY painting the living room! Hurrah!
I am reading..

Thank you for shipping to Mexico, Amazon.com!!!

I am working on.. getting the house looking decent.
Yesterday I.. went to Muellecito for dinner with my friend Emma.
I am hoping.. to have enough energy for Zumba class tonight.
I am hearing.. office chit chat.
I bet you didn’t know.. I can’t think of anything!!!

Have a nice Thursday!

Just Thursday

24 Mar

Outside my window.. sunny, hardly a cloud in the sky at 82 degrees
Today I feel.. tired and cranky
I miss.. my family. Always.
I am thankful.. for our Excel budget! Despite  getting $100 (dollars) less than expected in my monthly bonus, giving yet another $350 for post-wedding immigration paperwork and spending another $250 at the doctor, in the month of March we still managed to:
  • Have an amazing bday weekend for Jorge
  • set aside $100 for my bday next month
  • set aside $100 for a wedding present IN JULY (we are so far ahead of this game!)
  • spend $120 this weekend in Chabihau (totally worth it)
  • pre-stock up on tons of stuff at Sams Club, like 1 year of garbage bags and 3 months of dog food
  • SAVE $130!!!!
Take THAT, stupid unforeseen expenses!!! I win 🙂
Tomorrow I am going.. to the gym, then… I dunno.
I am wearing.. my work uniform.
I wish.. I didn’t have to work on Saturday mornings.
My schedule this week[end] includes.. work, relax, work, gym, work… and that’s about it 🙂
I need to start.. setting up our living room. We have an adorable house, but right now it just looks awful. Gotta paint some walls, hang some artwork (we have awesome artwork sitting in our storage room at the moment), make the backyard dog-friendly (so they’ll stay outside while we’re away and not ruin my furniture), get a pretty tablecloth to cover up the plastic Walmart table, and move the TV downstairs to the living room.
I am reading.. The Ugly American
I am working on.. losing weight! Still going strong at the gym, and people are commenting every day on my weight loss.
I am hoping.. for nice weather this weekend. So far, so good!
I bet you didn’t know.. that our dog Konan is the only one who knows a trick. She can “shake paws”. However, since we always reward her with petting and pats on the back when she does it, she has now started coming up to us and putting her paw in the air whenever she wants to be petted. Last night, she tried to “shake paws” with my foot. Her attempts were unsuccessful.

This weekend.. I’m getting together with KfromMichigan for dinner Saturday night! So excited



I’m considering doing an end-of-the-month post every month on how our budget went. I know it’s not really Cancun-related, but it might be nice for me to write out our successes and failures minor setbacks. What do ya’ll think? Yay? Nay?

Just Thursday

17 Feb
Outside my window.. it’s sunny with some clouds at 79 degrees.
Today I feel.. productive (let’s hope that feeling lasts until 5:30)
I am thinking.. that I’m hungry! Gonna crack open a strawberry yoghurt as soon as I finish this post.
I am thankful.. for the bouquet of chocolate roses I got for Valentine’s Day!
Tomorrow I am going.. to the gym, and after that I have no idea.
I am wearing.. my work uniform.
I wish.. my entire family would come visit me in Cancun again! That was awesome.
This weekend I.. think I might go play some golf at the Hilton!
I am reading.. The Girl Who Played with Fire (now on page 150)
I am working on.. starting up another website! (you’ll hear more about that down the road)
Yesterday I.. went to Cheesters again! Yummmm! Guess what I’m having for lunch today? Leftovers of this…
I am hoping.. that immigration stops taking all my money. (Paid them $270 and got permission to legally marry Jorge… now I have to pay another $65 to sign up with their “National Registry of Foreigners”.)
I am hearing.. the hum of the AC, and a phone ringing.
I bet you didn’t know.. that I’m losing weight! I’ve been going to the gym for a few weeks, and the other day I had 3 guys at my office tell me I look thinner! Yay! Not much loss in the hips, but I seem to have lost my double chin. Life is good.
One of my favorite.. sandwiches is the Monte Cristo (battered, deep fried, sprinkled with powdered sugar and served with raspberry sauce.)

If I could travel anywhere, I would choose.. Florianopolis, Brazil.

Just Thursday

10 Feb
Outside my window.. it’s been a bit overcast all week, but that’s ok because it means I can keep the blinds open most of the day at work!
Today I feel.. like it should be Friday… am I right or am I right?
I am thinking.. about how I forgot part of the paperwork for a thingy at my office and that I’ll need to race to my in-laws house on my lunch break to get it.
I am thankful.. that I had a lawyer to do all my immigration paperwork this week … for free! So nice not to have to step into the dreaded Cancun immigration office.
Tomorrow I am going.. to work, then the gym, then to enjoy an evening to myself.
I am wearing.. my work uniform.
I wish.. that life would slow down.
This weekend I.. will be celebrating my friend Viri’s birthday at the club on Saturday night! What to wear… ??
I am reading.. still reading The Girl Who Played with Fire. This might take awhile.
I am working on.. getting 2 New York hotels to e-mail me back with information I need for work. (Mexican, Canadian, and other US hotels manage to write back within 24 hours… what’s going on, New York?) For shame.


Yesterday I.. went to work, went to the gym, watched the Mexico Bosnia game, ate sushi and watched TV. Exciting.

I am hoping.. to be productive at work today. Mornings have been going well, but lately in the afternoons I kind of zone out.
I am hearing.. my boss giving detailed instructions to somebody.
I bet you didn’t know.. that Jorge and I decided what we’re doing for our (very, very belated) honeymoon! Details to come 🙂
One of my favorite.. movies is 50 First Dates.
My Valentine’s plans include.. I dunno, we never really celebrate Valentine’s Day. We’re weird like that. Our biggest romantic celebration is usually on August 3, our 6-month dating anniversary. (Our year anniversary is Feb 3, but we always seem to have more money and less other expenses in August.) I know… we’re weird.

Just Thursday

18 Nov

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Outside my window.. it’s been raining a lot since yesterday, so a bit overcast. There’s some sun peeking through, though!
The time is.. 9:08 am
Today I feel.. mildly frustrated with work, but hopefully I can get a lot done today.
I am thinking.. about how nice it is to know my house is clean.
At the moment, I am thankful.. for my well-paying job with normal hours and free weekends.
I am going.. to watch my friend’s dog this weekend! He’s an awesome dog.
I am wearing.. my uniform. (No, I don’t only wear it on Thursdays… I wear this baby 5 1/2 days a week.)
I wish.. I were better at managing money. We’ve been able to save up for the furniture we need, but I’d love to leave some money in the bank.
I am reading.. They Came to Baghdad by Agatha Christie (I stopped reading it for a few weeks, but I got into it again last night!)
I am working on.. putting together a small Thanksgiving dinner at my house next Thursday.
I am hoping.. to catch up on Season 3 of Fringe. Jorge and I just finished watching the Season 2 DVD last night.
I am hearing.. the sound of coworkers chatting as they walk into the office.
I bet you didn’t know.. that I bought a Swiffer this week! It’s AMAZING. I still have to do regular sweeping on weekends to get the bigger stuff, but the Swiffer is great for twice during the week. Yesterday I did a big cleanup: first a regular broom, followed by the Swiffer. It was amazing all the dust that the regular broom had left behind!
One of my favorite.. colors is yellow.
Weekend Plans..
[Thursday] No idea… if the rain stays away this afternoon, I’ll probably make dinner out on the patio.
[Friday] No plans as of yet.
[Saturday] Barbeque on a friend’s rooftop terrace (yay!)
[Sunday] I really want to go to the Taste of Playa event in Playa del Carmen… time to sweet-talk Jorge!

Just Thursday

4 Nov

It’s Just Thursday again! If you want to play along, just click on the icon and link up with Murdock’s Mama.

Outside my window.. sunny, with lots of light cloud coverage. Since we had our daylight savings time change last Sunday, we’ve been able to see beautiful sunsets from my work desk window in the afternoons. I’ll be sure to share some photos as soon as I recharge my camera battery haha
The time is..9:36
Today I feel..happy because one of my best friends/coworkers just came back from a 2-week vacation.
I am thinking..that my eyes are really itchy. Stupid allergies.
At the moment, I am thankful..for our professional wedding photos! Just got them Monday night 🙂 Here’s a little preview…
I am going.. to work really hard this month to make money for Christmas.
I am wearing..my work uniform.
I wish.. I had curtains in my living room. I feel bad for the neighbors who have to stair into my empty living room every time they walk by.
I am reading.. They Came to Baghdad by Agatha Christie
I am working on.. more revisions and translations at work… boring.
I am hoping.. to keep losing weight!! (although I guess I won’t really know until I get a scale… but do I really want to obsess over pounds? I dunno.)
I am hearing.. office chit chat.
I bet you didn’t know.. that I saw the women’s US soccer team play a game in Cancun last Saturday! Not a lot of people there, so we got to sit front and center for only 50 pesos 🙂
One of my favorite.. drinks is hot chocolate!
Weekend Plans.. as usual, I have no idea until the weekend is already upon me haha. Tonight I’m getting together for drinks with 2 other expats, though! Excited 🙂


Just Thursday

21 Oct

It’s just Thursday! If you want to join in, go to Murdock’s Mama’s website to link up…

Abby from Murdock’s Mama is on vacation right now in the Riviera Maya! She’s soaking up the rays on the beach right at this moment, just one hour from where I sit in my cold, gray office. Blah.

Outside my window.. sunny, yet overcast… kinda weird, kinda cool. I really want hurricane season to end so all the massive clouds go away!

The time is.. 9:17 am
Today I feel.. halfway between wanting to kick butt at work and go home to sleep some more.
I am thinking.. that I always have the hardest time with this question. I think it’s because most of my thinking before 11 am is pretty robotic.
At the moment, I am thankful.. for great, cool weather because I can sleep with the AC off and the window wide open!
I am going.. to eat something yummy for lunch today! (fish tacos? empanadas? soup and salad? We’ll have to wait and see!)
I am wearing.. my work uniform BLAAAAH
I wish.. hurricane season would stop already! We already have another possible tropical depression on the way, due to arrive at the Yucatan Peninsula on Monday. I’m really hoping for a non-rainy weekend!
I am reading.. They Came to Baghdad by Agatha Christie
I am working on.. getting our finances together so we can save more each month.
I am hoping.. that my cold goes away soon. I’m in the coughing stage still… no fun!
I am hearing.. the hum of the AC at work.
I bet you didn’t know.. that Jorge went on a date with another woman last night!!! Ok, he went to see the new Exorcist movie with my best friend and former bridesmaid, Viri. (Her fiance Juan and I refused to go see it. We don’t do well with horror movies.) Jorge later told me it sucked.
One of my favorite.. shows is Survivor. I just got hooked on it earlier this year. I haven’t seen last night’s episode yet, so no spoilers please!
Weekend Plans..

None yet! 🙂

Just Thursday

30 Sep

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Outside my window… we’re all soooo excited in Cancun! For the first time in a long time, we have minimal clouds 🙂 Welcome back, sunshine!

The time is… 9:53 am

Today I feel… a little overwhelmed with things to do at work, but there’s no rush, so I’m good!

I am thinking… that I wish I were either still in bed, or at the beach!!

At the moment, I am thankful… for a free trip to Las Vegas next week! My oldest sister is getting married 🙂 It’s going to be AWESOME.

I am going… to eat fish tacos today!! Wooo!

I am wearing… new earrings! Jorge is selling this really nice catalogue jewelry, and yesterday I got 2 new pairs 🙂 Look, they’re little rain clouds! How cute is that?

I wish… that the world would protect its natural resources more. Shame.

I am reading… Book of the Dead by Patricia Cornwell (months later… I know, I know)

I am working on… learning to cook! I’ve already perfected mushroom quesadillas, guacamole, zucchini with feta, caesar salad and grilled cheese with tomato. Nothin amazing, but dang, it all tastes good.

I am hoping… to buy a house in a year.

I am hearing… my boss talk about his trip to Cuba. I’m jealous!

I bet you didn’t know… that Barack Obama was five minutes from the house where I grew up yesterday, giving a conference 🙂 I still can’t get over that. I’m easily impressed.

One of my favorite… restaurants is PF Chang’s. I could really go for some lettuce wraps right now. Really wish they would open one in Cancun. *drool*

Weekend plans…

Thursday: get-together with some Cancun bloggers!! Yay! Followed by a going away party for a friend who’s going to study a month in Madrid 🙂

Friday: Jorge’s soccer match in the evening, followed by dinner somewhere with the team

Saturday: No idea

Sunday: Probably doing laundry and catching up on Season 2 of Glee (Don’t tell me anything! I haven’t seen anything yet!)