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Play By Play of a Wednesday Evening

8 Jul

5:00 pm Jorge informs me he might hang out with his friends PG and Paco this evening.

10:00 pm PG calls Jorge. During this call, Jorge switched from “husband voice” to “party voice” (which involves frequent use of the word wey) They decide to hang out at our house.

10:30 pm Paco and Pege arrive at our house. Dogs flip out. I stay upstairs to watch Hoarders and catch up on some blogs.

10:45 pm I hear unrecognizable voices from outside. Disregard and continue in sloth-like state upstairs.

11:10 pm I send Jorge a text message asking him to make me a Caesar salad.

11:25 pm Jorge brings me my Caesar salad (awesome) and informs me that there are 5 people downstairs, including a girl he used to go to middle school with, a friend of his brother, and the owner of a large local gym.

12:00 am I hear loud cell phone conversations of our guests giving directions to our house. Sense of impending doom.

12:28 am Things have gone suspiciously quiet.

12:31 am Loud music and yelling commence. More phone calls.

12:34 am Cries of pain, followed by laughter and repeated use of the word wey.

12:36 am Chanting?

12:51 am Guy screams directions to my house while standing in my stairwell. Car alarm goes off. Pleasant.

12:55 am Noise has escalated. I text Jorge to remind him that we have neighbors and it’s a weekday.

12:58 am Oh my gosh, how many people are at my house?

1:01 am I can hear Spanish pronunciation and grammar lessons.

1:04 am I call Jorge to tell them to quiet down. I feel like an old lady, but the neighbors will hate me! (except the Cuban guy across the street. He’s pretty cool about noise.) Time for bed. Updates in the morning!

Update (Friday afternoon… update fail.): After iniciating soundproofing (aka air conditioning unit), I slept like a baby for the rest of the night. Jorge came upstairs to sleep at 4:00 am (this is surprisingly early  here in Cancun). I am later informed that there were 17 people at our house Wednesday night.

Does this happen in the States, too?

Sunset, Wii and Charades

14 Jun

Well, we really are some party animals. We live in Cancun, one of the party capitals of the world, and we still prefer to spend a Saturday night on my friend Juan’s terrace playing Wii, playing charades, and singing some karoake. Am I getting old?

Thanks to Ang and The Drama Mama for helping me out awhile ago with how to take pictures at night. I tried out the “sunset” and “twilight” settings on my cam, plus changed the ISO settings a bit, which made a world of difference! I’m no photographer, but at least these nighttime pictures aren’t blurry… baby steps. (I’m thinking about trying to find a photography course. I love taking pictures for the blog, but I just have no idea what I’m doing!)

Me practicing my photography skills

Looking out over Juan's neighborhood. It's a strange combination of wood huts, corner stores, and large houses, all mixed together. Not the safest neighborhood, but since Juan's family has a good reputation in the neighborhood, they never have problems.

I really like this one, for some reason.

...and this one. This is my favorite time of day: the sun has set, but there's still light out.

Me vs. Kimo playing Wii Resort: Table Tennis

Lilian vs. Choco

Jorge vs. Choco ... Choco brought his projector. This is the only way to play, folks. (In the next few rounds, I totally dominated the table tennis. No joke.)

After some Wii, we tried to hook up karaoke but the mic didn’t work. I ain’t complain’, because all the songs available were in Spanish.

So we decided to play some charades: boys vs girls. I’m not sure who won because we forgot to keep score, but it ended up pretty even. I played surprisingly well considering Spanish is my second language. It’s surprising how many Spanish movie titles I knew. I was able to keep up with everyone, and even do better than some of them! (Don’t tell them I said that.)

Call me a nerd, but I love charades! I also love any board game or card game. Can’t get enough of them.

Overall it was a great night with great friends (and some new ones!).