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Cupcakes and Somebody’s Birthday

12 Mar

Today is Jorge’s birthday! Looks like we’ll be going to the beach then to a nightclub in the evening, assuming all goes according to plan, which it never does.

Last night we went to our favorite local casino, PlayCity, in the hotel zone to begin celebrating. We lost all the money we had brought, but we had a nice dinner and surprised Jorge with some cupcakes out on their terrace!

The cupcakes were delicious! Very, very chocolaty, with icing that was kind of like that marshmallow creme stuff… is that what it’s called? I haven’t had cupcakes in ages, and Nikki has been occasionally taunting me with cupcake photos for a few months now.

I still have 5 of those cupcakes sitting in my fridge, calling my name…

Hope everyone has a great weekend!