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Luna Blue’s “Mexico is NOT a War Zone”

8 Sep

Tony and Cheri at Luna Blue express what expats in the Riviera Maya are all thinking… please check it out.

Mexico is NOT a War Zone

Great facts, impressive numbers, and real feelings. I almost cried.

If you have comments, please leave them on Luna Blue’s site.

Saludos a todos!

Cancun Bombing and Blatant Media Sensationalism

1 Sep

I always hate talking about this, but I feel like I have to.

Cancun is under fire… AGAIN… but this time it hit closer to home. I hate how the media sensationalizes everything.

Sad situation: a bar in Cancun was hit with molotov cocktails, and 8 people were killed. Very sad for our city.

*Image from BBC News website

Many media outlets have warned that this took place in one of Cancun’s “hot spots”. Um…  yeah… that’s a direct LIE.

Here are the real facts:

-This bar was located in Region 229, one of the ugliest neighborhoods in downtown Cancun. (Heck, I don’t even go there.)

-Region 229 is miles from the Hotel Zone, or any tourist spots. I can’t even think of a situation in which a tourist would go near there.

-The bar is a strip club and apparently a known meeting spot for the drug community.

-It’s suspected the bar was targeted specifically for not paying bribe money.

Anyway, while it is a sad situation, it certainly doesn’t make me scared for my own safety, or anyone else I know in Cancun. A bunch of my friends went out last night to a bar without an unsafe thought in their head. Jorge and I will definitely be out and about this weekend without a care in the world (except maybe getting sunburned or drinking too many tequilas!)

Bad things happen everywhere. Name 1 big city that hasn’t seen a similar situation. Does that mean the entire city is unsafe? Certainly not. It’s all a matter of not getting involved in shady things with shady people in shady places. Common sense.

Please pray for the families involved in this awful event, as well as for our tourism. If tourists are unneccesarily scared off by this due to media lies and exaggeration, it could mean people losing money and jobs in our beautiful city.

I really need to stay away from FoxNews. Love BBC News, though, for getting the story right.

Here’s a link to Google Maps so you can see where exactly this bar is:

Castillo del Mar Bar Bombing

It’s frustrating to constantly see the city I love so much and feel so safe in, constantly under attack by the media. I won’t even talk about the comments sections on news pages.

In positive news, despite American media efforts lately, tourism is still as strong as ever in Cancun and the Riviera Maya. We went to Playa del Carmen Saturday night and it was PACKED. (pictures to come!)