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The Surfin Burrito

5 Mar

One of our favorite places to go when we have nothing to do on a Sunday afternoon is The Surfin Burrito. It’s located in the Cancun Hotel Zone, and since it opened a few months ago it’s become quite popular with tourists and a lot of my expat friends. It’s also open 24 hours a day and right next to Party Center, so it’s perfect for some 4 am burritos right after you leave the club.

They have beers, cocktails, tacos, ceviches, burritos and even some burgers, perfect for a quick and delicious meal.

This Sunday, Jorge and I ordered some pico de gallo ($25 pesos) that was absolutely perfect… spicy, but not so spicy it makes my nose run! Then we split a build-your-own burrito (around $70 pesos), with fish, a spinach tortilla, chipotle, rice, beans and God only knows what else!

I love this place… it’s super tiny (only 3 tables), very casual, and always has a mixed crowd hanging out and talking about their latest escapades.

We spent $160 pesos (about $13 US) total, including our pico de gallo, 1 burrito, some sodas and a tip.

Yet another Cancun restaurant that fits the 3 B’s: Bueno, Bonito y Barato!

Just Thursday

9 Sep

Thursday is now one of my fave days of the week. Why? Because it’s Just Thursday with Murdock’s Mama! Click on the button and link up if you want to join along!

Outside my window..kinda weird… it’s sunny, but there are lots of cloud out, so it looks  kinda gray.

The time is..9:28 am
Today I feel..ready to start the day and get some work done, and I’m also kinda excited about the upcoming weekend.
I am thinking.. that I’m not sure if I should splurge on buying a sugar cookie from a coworker (I bought a cupcake the last 2 days in a row)

At the moment, I am thankful.. for my husband! He surprised me with family-sized Nutella last night!! I’d been avoiding buying it for years, because I have a tendency to get a bit addicted…
I am going..to Vegas next month for my sister’s wedding! I just officially got signed permission from work to go. Hurray!
I am wearing..work uniform. Blah.
I wish..some kind stranger would give me a million dollars.
I am reading..Book of the Dead by Patricia Cornwell (still!!)
I am working on..putting together a schedule for cleaning the house. I figure things will be easier if we just do 1 chore a day or something. Cleaned the bathroom yesterday… can I just say that Easy Off BAM is friggin awesome?
I am hoping..that there’s been some sort of misunderstanding. It seems as if my fave burrito place has closed down! But they were doing so well! I need delicious burritos!
I am hearing..the clicking of keyboards
I bet you didn’t know.. that I’ve been having all these crazy dreams this week!! Never had dreams this real before:
Dream 1: Jorge has died and my friends are worried about me because I keep seeing hallucinations of him
Dream 2: I’m in an “Inception” situation. An evil guy wants me to break into my cousin’s dreams. Her subconscious people realize I’m an intruder because I say something in Spanish
Dream 3: My town is at war and I’m in hiding with people I don’t know. Enemy soldiers find us and slit the throat of the guy next to me, then they slit mine.
Dream 4 (last night): I broke up with Jorge before the wedding and am now married to a guy who is nice enough, but EXTREMELY BORING. I see Jorge a lot and realize I still love him.
Needless to say, I was extremely relieved to wake up after each of these dreams and realize they weren’t real!
One of my favorite..cereals is Corn Pops. (Jorge called them “Porn Cops” by mistake the other day. HILARIOUS.)

Weekend Plans..
We plan on staying in Friday and Saturday to save money, but the plan is to go to Isla Mujeres on Sunday!! (I always say that, but I’m gonna lay the pressure on this time! haha)