Mexico vs. USA: Dinner

14 Jan

At my college graduation party a few months ago, I won the class award for “biggest glutton”. (My parents were so proud!) I have never considered myself to be a big eater (ok… maybe a weekly sushi binge), so what happened?

Here’s a quick run-down of typical meal times for both countries, so that we can all understand each other a little better:


12 pm: Breakfast (on Mondays in the Yucatan peninsula, this consists of marinated shredded pork and Coca-Cola)

3 pm: Lunch (Supposedly the biggest meal of the day)

11 pm: Dinner (Leftover pork, soup, pizza, coffee, etc)


Whenever you wake up: Breakfast (coffee while driving to work)

12 pm: Lunch (sandwich, some snack items)

6 pm: Dinner (some sort of meat with bread and veggies… at least at my house. Thanks, Mommy!)

In my last 2 years of college, my class schedule was from 4 pm until 10 pm. When 6 pm rolled around, my stomach would be saying, “DINNERTIME! YAY!” So between classes I would mozy on down to the cafe (short for “cafeteria” in Mexican) and buy me some dinner. Tired of Mexican food, I would usually get a hot dog, a sandwich, a burger, etc. (Not my favorites, but better than anything with refried beans or rice)

Seeing me eat full meals of hot dogs and hamburgers every day (when everyone else was eating a small bag of potato chips) caused my classmates to believe that I had no self control and ate 4 or 5 full meals a day… when really I was just eating a normal (albeit unhealthy) dinner! Crazy gringa.

My other American friends living in Cancun have the same issues: even after years of living here, we just can’t get our bodies used to eating lunch at 3 and dinner at 11.

Ni modo, I guess I’m destined to eat dinner alone.

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