Wedding Plans, Mexico-Style

12 Jan

Back again, after a long hiatus! (e-hem… newbie writer’s block)

This week, I have been moving forward with plans for the wedding (yay!). On the to-do list were bridesmaids dresses and begin invitations.

The bridesmaids dress issue is tough for me. I am trying to decide between fuschia (bright pink) dresses and black dresses. Both get weird looks when I mention them, but actually look pretty cool when combined with the other colors (bone and champagne… I kind of made those names up). A few bridesmaids have mentioned concerns about not looking good in pink (too bad), while others insist that black is for funerals. I just have to accept that with bridesmaids of all skintones/body types/personalities, somebody’s going to have to give in. A long afternoon online has proven to me that bridesmaids dresses are not sold online. This leaves me with two options:

1. Try to find a store selling regular dresses that I could use, ranging from size 2 through 14 and everything in between.

2. Hire a seamstress.

*sigh* I was hoping to just buy something.

Working on a Mexican guest list has been much harder than I originally anticipated. Mexicans always have 2 last names (their father’s last name and their mother’s last name). However, when it’s a family, the last names of both parents are combined. Soooo, if I have a married couple named Juan Perez Sanchez and Maria Rodriguez Lopez, with kids, the invitation would read “La Familia Perez Rodriguez”.

Our guestlist limit is 250 (what we paid for at the venue), but right now we’re at 350, and trying to narrow it down. Each of my in-laws comes from a family of 8 children (all with spouses and children of their own, some with grandkids), and a Mexican wedding just wouldn’t be complete without all of the second cousins.

On the groom’s side, we also have all of his friends. Being Cancun, none of them appears to have an actual name, as nicknames are used 100% of the time. The final part of my guestlist is as follows: Bencha, el Negro, Borracho (“Drunk One”), Jimmy (whose real name is Joel, but is nicknamed after Jimmy Neutron for his intelligence and his large head), Jhonny, Chaparro (“Shorty”), Tom, Guau (pronounced “wow”), Burelo, Paco (took some convincing to make my boyfriend believe that Paco is not an actual name), Camel, San, Chente, and Fish. We’re working on finding out their full names, since apparently Mexicans don’t like to use their real/full names on Facebook, either.

The AMAZING part of Mexican weddings are the “padrinos”, or godparents. Family friends, uncles, grandparents, etc all step up and offer to pay for part of the wedding. At the moment, I already have “padrinos” sponsoring the cake, the beer, the champagne and the music!

We’re also saving money on some do-it-yourself projects. My mother-in-law-to-be is teaching my to make candles (to replace flowers), and my awesome mom is in the States working on my dress and the invitations.

We also managed to cut the price in half by holding the wedding in Merida (4 hours away), instead of Cancun. This works out perfect for us, since most of Jorge’s family is in Merida and they have BEAUTIFUL centuries-old haciendas.

So far, it’s been an adventure, involving the combination and clashing of two very different cultures.

4 Responses to “Wedding Plans, Mexico-Style”

  1. sarah winfree January 12, 2010 at 8:28 pm #

    winfrees look good in any color!

  2. Noelle January 14, 2010 at 1:47 am #

    I agree with Sarah on the colors – they sound bold and beautiful to me! Oh, and distinctive, very distinctive! 🙂 Also, there are plenty of places to buy bridesmaid dresses online, I will email you some. Although if you’re looking for delivery to Mexico that may be an issue. Funny enough, I also started a wedding blog a few days ago, but I’ve only posted once and haven’t decided if it’s gonna be interesting enough to share 🙂 Is there a character limit to this Comments box?

  3. Ambrose January 14, 2010 at 4:00 pm #

    My kids are getting blog crazy. Very cool. I’ll have to find Noelle’s.

  4. Hacienda Yucatan January 16, 2010 at 5:41 pm #

    Great Blog Winfree, keep it up!

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